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When is a BLT a BMT??……..(And my first horrid kitchen job)

A BLT is a classic American burger consisting of Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato, hence the name BLT! I replaced the Lettuce with Mustard Greens hence it’s become a BMT!! Actually I made a lot of changes. And the result wasn’t exactly perfect but delicious none the less!! To one of the changes there’s a story to go with it. Out with the mayonnaise and in with home made sweet chilli sauce (I bought it in the market actually but it was made in some Khmer persons kitchen). You can buy it in bottles in every Asian food store in Europe and America. But the home made stuff is worlds away from that. At some point I’ll get the recipe and make it myself and of course add it to my blog (might be a year from now at my current rate of writing:-))!

Why I can’t stand mayonnaise……well my very first job in a kitchen in a shi*** little cafe in Berlin probably more than 10 years ago now I was the kitchen assistant. Meaning I had to do all the tonnes of chopping veggies and making basic (boring) stuff that the cook didn’t have time to obviously because he was too busy cooking. Amongst them was the  big plastic bucket of washed and dried salad leaves (that looked like a rubbish bin if you ask me). And worst of all was the 10 (or was it 20) litres of mayonnaise I made and stored in a plastic bucket (that looked also the same as the one all of the food waste went into).  I was absolutely shocked at the ingredients of mayonnaise. 98% vegetable oil, an egg or 4, vinegar…..and salt and sugar!! I mean basically it’s just pure fat. Looks horrible and tastes horrible!! (Apologies to all you mayonnaise lovers out there but having to make buckets of the stuff traumatized me for life I think:-))!

After I half chopped off two of my fingers in a rage chopping some veggies or other whilst thinking about how awful my ex was and hating her to the grave, I didn’t work in a kitchen again for almost 10 years. Anyway, another story probably not for this blog but my fingers were sewn back on and one works perfectly well but the little finger on my right hand I can only move half of. And no, I’m not left handed but I would swap hands at the huge amount of veggies I had to chop out of boredom and because my right hand ached after an hour!! (A gruesome start to a recipe-heheh!!)

Somethings gone strangely wrong with my picture sizes. I can’t seem to adjust the size as usual. And the horrendous amount of time it takes to upload them on my “just about not fly into a rage” working internet connection here, I won’t upload them again.

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Fried Beef Vegetables with Red Fire Ants and Grilled Snake

There are so many strange foods here that it’s amazing. Look totally hideous and disgusting at first sight….and second and third….(absolutely no offense meant to anyone’s eating culture-just my personal private thoughts) but after a couple of beers and someone else chomping away happily at it in front of you, the curiosity of how does it taste (once I get over the fact of how it looks) does get the better of me.


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Love with some Dire Consequences

The title doesn’t really describe what I’m about to write but I like it and it sounds sort of tragic like Shakespeare (I have no literary patience or adoration for him after having to write bloody essays on Hamlet….or was it Romeo and Juliet??;  for my GCSE’s-British final exams at the age of 16).

As always love is complicated…oh, did I mention that already in my last post a week or so back?? It’s amazing how I manage to have discussions and even arguments about the same F****** issues as in 3 out of 4 of my last relationships; all this in a language that is new and was very alien to me just 6 months back. My command of the language probably hardly surpasses a couple of hundred words but it REALLY is amazing that we can communicate issues of dire importance to our being who we are, what we think, like, dislike and even our past relationships.

One of the points of discussion (and frustration for me)… “who’s gonna cook today?” Continue reading

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Love, Love, Love

Sorry for not being able to write anything on my blog now for ages! I have 20 plus recipes ready to upload (after a bit of editing….(haha-a bit??). But errmmm….no time even for short messages:-)

Anyway, I am in my first relationship since 3 years. My more than friend and less than girlfriend has now become my ‘songsa” (sweetheart). I’m very happy for it. It’s not the same as 20 years ago. I’m not flying naked through the air wearing a bogroll (NOT blogroll) to cover my private parts in happiness. No, my relationships have always been weird and complicated….like everyone else I guess…?? But, I’m glad for it. I learn and learn and learn!

Living in 4 countries in 4 years has it’s down sides-namely meeting a girl and being able to be with her. They all run a mile when they realise I move often. I’m also not the easiest man to be with :-). The ones crazy enough to allow feelings to grow knowing my life style-well I hope it’s something they won’t forget. I know I never will!!

When I love a girl, my love is forever!! Regardless of how long we are together and why we decide to not to be anymore!

So this is my short update to all you lovely people who take time to drop by my blog! Thank you for looking and listening and have a wonderful day!!!!! 🙂

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Chicken and Daikon Soup

I’ve been so busy going out every night with my friend visiting, that it’s been impossible to work on my blog. My backlog of recipes is getting bigger and my experience of making new dishes more exciting.

I’ve noticed though that my photos aren’t coming up on my blog as good as they originally are. There’s too much ‘noise’ coming up in the end photo which I upload onto my blog. I think it’s due to the compression. I’m an absolute beginner with Lightroom (which I use to edit all my pics), never used photoshop (but plan to learn eventually) and no knowledge of photography what so ever. But considering how much time I put into editing the photos its f***** frustrating.

Anyway, here’s my take on a Cambodian dish I’ve had many times and love for it’s simplicity and deliciousness.

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Love and all it’s encompassing weird entities!

It’s 5am in the morning, I’m drunk and am writing ‘cos my girl (not partner but more than friend) is sleeping. I’ll probably regret this tomorrow and maybe even delete it!

Love is all that we want it to be. For me it’s a hug and being wanted. It’s being held tight. The words may not be what I want to hear but the actions are what count. I want to be me-totally me!! With all my faults and sh**!! There’s enough good stuff about me and I know it. I love who and what I am. I want to share it. I want to talk about it. I want to express my feelings. Be it with words or my actions.

I hate being judged. I want to simply be able to be me!!! Whoever doesn’t accept it doesn’t last long as a friend. I want to be listened to. I want love and affection. I want support in times of need. Don’t think that any of this wont be reciprocated because it will. Thousand time over! Is that too much to ask?? I don’t think so! I’m old enough to understand all the intricacies of what I ask. I’m able to realise what I know and am aware when I am lost!

I”m comfortable in my body and mind. I love who I am. It’s too much for some. They can’t deal with the reflection of their own failings. I deal with mine. There are plenty of those.

So what’s the meaning of this rambling?? None whatsoever!! Just my thoughts and my feelings. I have a lot of those and am not afraid to express it in person. In this virtual world it’s something else. You don’t know me with all my goods and bads. So I’m more careful with what I write. I don’t want to be misunderstood. I hate it in fact. But it’s a fact of life that happens. In person I detect it and will negate it with my understanding of your perception and attempt to communicate what I mean in reality. You can see me and feel me. It’s more difficult online. But it’s there. I feel the people I read the blogs of and communicate with. Distance makes no difference.

So thank you for listening and reading what sometimes may be crap, but it’s me in total honesty. I adore this world of blogging I have discovered and am totally intrenched -who knows for how long? Who cares? As long as I love it I’ll carry on!!!! 🙂





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Running to Thmey Village….and getting drunk on rice wine:-)

Two days ago I went running and ended up in the ‘Thmey Village’. Not that far from where I live, but haven’t a clue about the distance. ran in a direction I hadn’t before. I’m usually reluctant to photograph people because I feel shy to ask and I don’t like photos where people make their ‘photograph face’. I like pictures of people naturally how they are. As I was taking pictures a group of Khmer men called to me to come over. So I did. I asked their permission and then took pictures of them. They invited me to sit with them and offered me a glass of what looked like water. It was a strong alcoholic spirit. Boy, I was running to recover from and release the toxins from the drinking session the night before. And of course one drink led to another. My Khmer is now good enough to build sentences and make light conversation. The men were very friendly and offered me food and then what I think was rice wine. All home brewed of course. Before I knew it many hours had passed and running further was out of the question. But drinking and smoking was in! 🙂

It rained relentlessly at some point as it does everyday at the moment being the rainy season! Eventually the rain died down and a man drove me close to my home on his moped (for a little more than the local price).

I’ve never gone out running before and come a home drunk! I might run to that village/place again 🙂

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I’m up and running again!!

For the last 5-6 days to accompany my relentless evenings out drinking I’ve started running again after a month or more of not being physically able to. The usual 5+ kilometres everyday. I’ve taken my camera with me again. Such a pain even though it’s small. I don’t like having anything in my hand when I run. I don’t run with a bottle of water (or god forbid all that artificial  energy active bulls***  – just my opinion) like many runners. I make sure I drink lots before and after.

I often run in different directions and hate to have to think about how to get back-so I don’t! I just run and run until I’ve had enough. Gotten hopelessly lost in many places many times. But I always find my way back. I also hate running the same way back as I started out. Bit like my view on life really!

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