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Why is Love so Complicated??

I’m drunk on Khmer whiskey. That’s a good start to a post eh?? Why?? Because me and my partner had a conversation about past relationships and sexual interactions. Why is it that I feel jealous about something before my time with her? I’ve felt this many times in the past where my logic tells me I don’t have a foot (or was that leg??) to stand on. I mean what happens before me is nothing to do with me. But FUCK, I have these feelings. And with all the work I’ve done on self awareness, I know that the emotions and feelings are mine. Nothing to do with her. I’m just reacting with something that belongs totally to me. What does it matter?? I feel shit!!! SO, gotta deal with it!!

How many times have I lectured on ‘feeling those feelings’ and not drowning out the sorrows especially with alcohol (or anything else for that matter)?? Now I’m doing just that!! I’m totally aware of myself and my feelings!! I know they are mine and nothing to do with my partner. Doesn’t make it any easier or help though!! I still feel SHIT!! I wont go into any details as this blog has it’s limits!!

I’ve almost finished the bottle all by myself-she’s not drinking much tonight! So I’m gonna go and get some more!! In case you were  wondering, I am many things but not a drinker!! The Khmer whiskey is only 20%. Anyway, forget the ‘Rechtfertigung’! What does that mean in English?? Trying to explain something out of the way that I think might be wrong:-)!

So I’m gonna publish whatever I’ve written before I conk out or something else happens???? In a sober state I’ll be all rational. And that can be such a pain in the arse sometimes!!

I’ll add some smileys and pretend nothings happening…. 🙂   🙂  🙂

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Beef Rendang 2

The title isn’t quite as catchy as star wars 2 or jaws 2 but I couldn’t think of anything better. This is the second time I made this dish (the title says it doesn’t it??) The recipe differs slightly from the first time so I’m gonna post it. I also cooked it in about 2 1/2 hours, much less time than the first time. The reason for this is that one of my portable cookers has a minimum flame level that isn’t low enough. And because I was doing so much cooking at once I had to use it. I almost burnt…….actually I did burn the rendang dish slightly. So without the low flame it cooked in almost half the time. Still delicious!! 🙂

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Fresh Veggie Strips with Khmer Dipping Sauces-Ginger Fish Sauce & Tamarind Sauce

Here are some pics of veggies that I prepared for the party to go with the dipping sauces. You can use almost any veggie that can be cut into pieces (radish, carrots courgettes etc.etc.) or leaves (like salad, mustard or cabbage even). They use all sorts here to go with many, many dishes.  It’s a good way to eat those greens. I love green. It should definitely be added onto the nutrition list of what our body needs. Somehow the chlorophyl in green veggies and leaves is a must for my body! After a year of studying herbal medicine at the Samuel Hahnemann Schule in Berlin (amongst many other subjects-but I didn’t finish the course because I did a runner to Asia;-)) I realized why. It’s the blood of plants and somehow we need it in our bodies _ can’t really explain but I just know my body craves it.

The sauces I made here for the first time and they weren’t perfect. Since then I’ve made them again and then had the same thing made by my girlfriend. Her’s tasted far, far better. I will get her recipe and post it. She said the sauces have as much variety in them as one wishes. I made the sauces below from my favourite Khmer food website-Khmerkorm,  on the net. See bottom of page for links.  At the time of this party 2-3 months back we were not together so I couldn’t ask her.

How even the common old cucumber can look so scrumptious!! Even the dark green one-I thought it’s a courgette when I bought it-but no, it’s a cucumber too!! 🙂

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Ginger, Soya & Lemongrass Marinated Fried Chicken Wings & Drumsticks

Here’s the recipe for the ginger soya marinated chicken wings and drumsticks finger food! Delicious and easy to make!! They were the first to finish at the party so they speak for themselves. I remember only trying 1 or 2 pieces before they finished 🙂 !

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Massage Party – Veggies and Kroeung (Curry Paste) Pics

This post is just pictures of the pre-massage party food shopping. The pictures are so fantastic that I thought it would be a shame to not show you them. No recipes here just mouth watering veggies!! It’s for the foodies who go into a state of bliss at just the site of all the greens and – of nature that was made for us to consume, be happy, alive and full of love for ourselves and our home here on this planet.

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Jungle Curry with Khmer Village Chicken

This Jungle Curry dish comes from Thailand. It tasted nothing like when a good friend cooked it many, many years ago for me and my sisters. We’ve lost contact so I couldn’t get the recipe. I made this from 2 different recipes on the net (see links bottom of page)! Still delicious though!!

I used ‘Khmer village chicken’ (organic chicken in Europe) for this recipe opposed to the ‘farm’ (the normal chicken in europe) chicken you can get here which has a lot more meat but the chickens are raised within what is it- 6 weeks or so?? They’ve been bred for only this reason, look extremely unhappy and can hardly move because their body weight soon overtakes their ability to walk around with it. They are usually in one large free standing cage and are fed special food  antibiotics to stay alive. It’s not individual cages like in Europe or the US. “Bodenhaltung” chickens in German. Supposed to be one step better than individual cages. I’m not sure how though. I do use farm chickens for some recipes as it’s the chicken I grew up eating in London at my mum’s. For recipes where I need a short cooking time and want more meat. I wont go too much into the morals of this as I’m not here to dictate anything to anyone. The fact is these chickens are there and have had a miserable life-so at least love them whilst you eat them! I will expand on this sometime in the future with a story from my past.

The village chickens are a tougher and far more tastier meat-but very bony and have a longer cooking time. When you see them running around everywhere in Asia (even in the cities) happily pecking away at any food they can find (insects in the fields or from the garbage (in cities) you realize what ‘free range’ really means. These chickens run around free, hens with their chicks usually watched over by the cock that made the chicks. Oh and there’s usually one dominant cockerel in every household that gets to impregnate all the hens. These are the happy chickens. 🙂 !

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Trey Chien Lamiet – Khmer Fried Fish with Turmeric

So I’ve finally gotten round to posting the recipes from my last two posts. Here’s the first. It’s actually from taste very similar to the Bengali fried fish recipes that I’ve already posted! Fish sauce and lemongrass is not used for cooking in Bangladesh.

For this dish I tried ‘Trey Saw’  (white fish) for the first time. I picked them up at the largest market here in Siem Reap – ‘Psar Leu’ which is an amazement in itself!! I’ll do a post or two on the markets here in the future. (Just to make you foodies mouth water at all the fantastic food and cooking ingredients available here!!) I also used trey krung (‘khoi maas’ in Bengali) which I’ve done a post about in the past.

Trey Saw (White Fish)

Trey Krung (Khmoi Maas in Bengali and I have no idea in English

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Massage Girls Party – The Food “Yummy” :-)

Here’s a glimpse of the food of the day or shall I say night! I’ve divided the pics up into separate posts so as not to bore anyone to death….or if you’re hungry not to make you salivate all over your keyboard! 🙂

Flamed banana leaves for putting the fried finger food on!

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