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Star Gooseberry, Leboir in Bengali, Ka’tuat in Khmer

So I’m continuing my fruit posts with another strange and wonderful fruit – the star gooseberry. Leboir in Bengali and Ka’tuat in Khmer.

The only reason I know the English name is because I saw it in the local super expensive supermarket where you can get every western food you can dream of at ridiculously inflated prices. And additionally all the Khmer fruit,  veg and fish have the English names stuck on a label. Of course some Khmer foods don’t seem to have English names-so they’ve just stuck on the Khmer name written in English.

There’s a tree of this fruit in the garden of my friend S. It’s not his garden but a communal one for everyone living there. But me and my GF just can’t resist picking a handful of these fruits everytime (almost everyday shall I say :-)) we visit him. We then slop away at the tiny treats of extreme sourness with….wait for it- something called ‘ambeul rotee’. I think it’s chicken stock powder or something similar. Very salty with lots of flavour! But you can enjoy it with salt or a salt & chilli mix or even add sugar for a slight sweetness that goes well with the sour!!

I’ve never seen these fruits in Europe. But I have seen them in a package in dried form  here in the supermarket. So maybe it’s available like this in some supermarket near you??

star gooseberry on a tree

The beloved star gooseberry tree – there’s not so many left now. A month ago the branches were literally yellow overflowing with star gooseberries 🙂

star gooseberry with salt

Star gooseberry with ‘ambeul rotee’, a salt and I dunnno what mixture! Oh and the lime dropped by for a quick hello 😉

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One of My Favourite Fruits in the World – the Jujube -‘Boroi’ in Bengali, ‘Puthrea’ in Khmer

This is a favourite fruit of many Bengali kids around the world!! You can get it dried all times of the year or fresh at that particular time of year when they ripen on the trees in Bangladesh. My happiest childhood memories come from when I was 10 and spent 6 months in Bangladesh with my parents and sisters visiting my HUGE extended family. I was too young to appreciate the family but remember throwing stones at the ‘boroi gas’ jujube trees with my cousins and then jumping on the fallen jujubes with screams of glee and joy!!



Above the normal jujube ‘boroi’ varying in size a little larger than a pea to a cherry.

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More Strange Cambodian Fruit – Sapodilla, ‘Lamut’

Here’s one of my favourite fruits at the moment. It’s called a Sapodilla, ‘Lamut’ in Khmer. It’s not really strange to me as I’ve had this fruit many times in Berlin from the many Turkish fruit and veg stalls/ grocery shops. By far the best places to buy fresh fruit and veg there. Always fresh and there’s tonnes of it including many strange fruits you don’t normally get! I’ve ate it in London as well as in Bangladesh.

The size of a large egg and even shaped a bit like one. 3-4 large black seeds. Ripe you can smell the sweet aroma without cutting it. It goes almost soft when you press the skin. The fruit flesh looks a bit like a galia melon although the taste is far sweeter. The texture reminds me of a hairless kiwi.

I will add one bit of precaution to this fruit though! If you can’t smell it without cutting it and the skin is hard and doesn’t give to the pressure of your finger-don’t eat it!! I ate an unripe sapodilla about a month back. It wasn’t very sweet and whilst unripe has something in it that made my throat go all dry-I didn’t stop eating …..and then the fucking bits of fruit got stuck in my throat. I coughed and spluttered and eventually put fingers down my throat to throw up to free my throat. I was in a lot of pain. It felt like something going down my throat that was far too big for it (less than half a sapodilla)?? My girlfriend was sleeping already so didn’t hear any of this. I was very relieved when I puked bits out into the sink and the rest of the unripe ungrateful fruit finally made it’s way to my stomach where I guess my stomach acids are far stronger than whatever is in the unripe version! Phew, I though briefly I was gonna die this night!! 🙂

Anyway ripe totally delicious. Hope I didn’t put anyone off… 🙂



Sapodilla, Lamut (in Khmer)

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‘Why is Love so Complicated?’ – follow up!

It’s been a week since my last post – ‘why is love so complicated?’ where I was getting drunk on Khmer whiskey! There was an anticlimax of events that followed after I’d posted. I’ve written it up and have been to and fro whether to post it or not?? I’ve decided for the time being to refrain. It’s very personal and doesn’t put me in a good light (which I couldn’t really care less about). What I do care about is that the post is not for everyone-in particular my young innocent offspring. Or perhaps the one or other ex….. gloating at my mishap! So maybe at a later date. Or maybe with a password??

I’ve been very busy with the birthday of my girlfriend being last week. A few days before that I had a thought-there’s someone I know who shares the same birthday with her. Who on Earth is it?? It’s gotta be very close family because I’m hopeless with birthdays. I only send my friends greetings who are on Facebook and there’s a reminder. Of course mine isn’t listed publicly so I don’t get any birthday greetings en masse in reply ;-)!

And then it hit me!! She has the same birthday as the mother of my child. I was in shock for 2 days after the realization. Now this is just too much of a coincidence I thought!! Mainly because my relationship with her was the most intense and tumultuous time with a girl in my life. And after we broke up I paid with 5 years of misery and woman hate. Totally my choice of course. I didn’t take it well being a single father. My last fantasy dream of ‘happy families’ shattered. Anyway back to the present-there’s one thing I know – I don’t want a repeat of some of the extreme events that happened in that relationship!!!

I’m not a strong follower of astrology. I’ve followed many things in my life (mainly my momentary passions which rocketed through all sorts of esoteric weirdnesses) but not this.

I spoke to my daughter about the fact that my GF shares the same birthday as her mother. She was so sweet. Her end line was basically ‘what does it matter when her birthday is??’ Totally true. It’s just this innate fear. I repeat – Some parts of my life I do not want to go through again!! No matter what lesson I might’ve missed out on learning!! I’ll deal with it in another way!!

I believe in many things including destiny!! But I also KNOW that I can disagree with destiny and make my own!! How does that saying go…??

“Change what you dislike, can and want to in your life, and accept what you can’t!!”

Quote from dunno whom…now it’s from me :-)!!

Thank you for dropping by!!

Have a wonderful loving day!! 🙂




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