My High Heeled Shoes….?? Or Being Smacked on the Head with them F***** Hurts!!

A few posts ago I mentioned that something dramatic happened that left me shocked for a few days. One day I will find the event hilarious but that moment hasn’t come yet!

The title says it all or?? If that doesn’t get you to read my blog then I don’t know what will. Oh yeah, there is the food I discover, the dishes I make and the ingredients I try out and write about…!! 🙂

I met this Canadian guy in Bangkok at the guest house I was staying in and we got on so I told him to visit me when he came to Siem Reap, so he did. We’ve become friends and when we went out one night here in Siem Reap he picked up this girl. I mentioned to him that she is a ‘working girl’! Meaning she is a prostitute and you’ll probably have to pay her to go home with her. I know because I’ve seen her many times and she lives on my block on my floor a few doors away. Basically he spent a few days with her but found the relationship difficult and decided to stop seeing her.

She came up to me one night when I went out to one of the clubs here and basically blamed me that it hadn’t worked out between her and him! I’d been drinking and obviously so had she. After I refused to take responsibility for her personal inadequacy for holding down a relationship (I’m no expert on this matter either) she threw a glass of beer all over me and became abusive. That followed with a jug of beer leaving me soaking wet and lots of swearing from both sides. The security came and led her away.

I left the club 15 minutes later with my close friend S. (not the Canadian friend). She came up to me outside and whacked me with her handbag and was still shouting and swearing. Her temporary white boyfriend stepped in but didn’t have the balls to stop her although it was obvious she was in the wrong. So I dropped the matter and started walking home. Suddenly I got smacked on the back of the head by something extremely hard. I turned around and caught a glimpse of what had hit me.

beautiful black high heeled shoes without the sexy lady

This is not a picture of those particular shoes but pretty similar to what they looked like. I didn’t want to go to her after this event and say “can I get a picture of your shoes for my blog please!!”

Anyway, I touched the back of my head and there was blood streaming down the back of my neck. I didn’t feel any pain. More shocked I was  than anything else. Neither me nor my friend had heard her coming. I decided not to call the police, just go home. On hindsight maybe that was the only mistake I made that night.

I was soaked in beer and my neck and shoulders covered in blood. Fuck!! This hasn’t happened often in my life. Her white boyfriend for the night made no attempt to stop her although he was with her. He also didn’t join in in the attack, thank God! He was a good deal taller than me and I didn’t fancy getting beaten up by them both. Paying for hospital treatment would’ve been expensive. I knew from experience that the head bleeds a lot from a tiny cut in the skin. I wasn’t worried, just shocked!

I didn’t go straight home as my friend insisted to go to his place saying they might be waiting for me. I was more worried about my partner at home alone whose phone was suddenly turned off. I’d called just before leaving the club but couldn’t get through anymore. When I got home she was sleeping. Everything seemed to be okay!

The next morning she told me whilst she was in the bathroom, someone had come into my apartment and stolen her phone. It was brand new that I’d only just bought her a couple of weeks back.

She hadn’t seen who it was and had thought at the time maybe I had come home and taken her phone. So much of a coincidence that it was taken that night in the space of time it had taken me to get home. The girl that hit me got home well before me because they were on a motorbike and she had shouted more abuse at me en route home even after hitting me! I’ve lived in this apartment over 6 months now and always felt very safe. I liked all of my neighbours, the whore included!! I’m not calling her that now because I couldn’t give a fuck what job she did and I don’t judge on that basis. But she hits me with no reason I can call her what I want!

Now me and my partner don’t feel safe or well in my home. So shit!! Also I have to see this psycho bitch every other day outside whilst she hangs up her dirty m’fuckin’ washing!!

I did get advice from a very close friend who’s Cambodian the next day. He said basically even if I had called the police, the chance that they would’ve done anything after the initial report was very unlikely. All she would have to do is slip them some cash and the report would never have been followed up. He also said I should’ve called the police immediately if I wanted to report it. A day later was too late!! He said I was very lucky I hadn’t hit her back and the white punter was my guardian angel. (I never would’ve thought to see it from that angle.) Otherwise I would’ve been in jail and would’ve had to pay the police and her to ‘get out of jail not free’. And that would’ve been expensive. I do have some experience of this as I was set up in a situation that I won’t bare the details about now when I first came here a year and a half ago. That cost me. And really to no fault of my own.

Same shit with the law here like in Bangladesh. The highest payer gets the police on their side. Unless of course the victim is the relative of someone who works in politics, the police force or is stinking rich (in which case they have strong links with the law upholders and politicians anyway)!!

Oh well, I live and learn. I still don’t think I did anything wrong though. And am definitely not sorry for opening my mouth. I’m actually more pissed off about my partners phone which wasn’t cheap with my meagre income at the moment! Now I gotta buy her a new one again!!

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5 thoughts on “My High Heeled Shoes….?? Or Being Smacked on the Head with them F***** Hurts!!

  1. Holy shit! What the hell??

    I’ve honestly been waiting for this story since you first mentioned it, I love me some drama, but damn that is beyond fucked up! You always crack me up with the way you explain stuff so simply but somehow hilariously.

    It’s not your fault she’s a prostitute!

    I cannot describe how much I hate that this happened to you, but it did bring me laughter to read the description. I’m a dermatology nurse, and the scalp bleeds like shit, but heals pretty quick. I don’t know how long ago it happened, but don’t let it get a big scab! Scabs make scars, scars on the scalp make bald spots.

    And as far as the phone stealing and the police.. Awful. Totally awful. Do you think it was the whore or her man? Since they live in the building?

    Craziness. I hope everything gets back to normal. I mean, fuck it, what can you do? Shit happens, and at least it makes a good story?!

    • Bald patch did you say….??? Horror, terror gasp… 🙂

      That’s much worse than any heels in my brains 🙂

      Yep I’m over it now. I really don’t know who nicked the phone. Life goes on. I am ready to blog again. I’ve been in much more of an ongoing shock as my return to the not so wild west draws closer…and closer…..!!

      Thank you for sticking by even though blogging has slipped from being top priority to ‘something that I will get on again with sometime!!’

      I’m glad I can bring a smile on your face with my craziness! 🙂 🙂 :-)!!

      • Oh yeah. Scar is thick, and if its too thick (like the kind a scab makes) for the hair to get thru, tada! Bald spot.

      • I’m feeling the back of my skull now and….there’s hair there!!! Yippee!! Hurray!! I’ll dance a little jig :-)!! But seriously if it came down to it I could even live as a Eunuch if that was my lot in life!! 🙂 ……Eunuchs can finger fuck or…..?? 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear about that Nurul. That sort of experience, combined with the ‘phone theft would really freak me out for some time.

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