I was born in Bangladesh in a mud hut in my village. I then moved to London at the age of 3 with my parents where I grew up loving and hating the city until my discontent caused me to leave at 19 thinking I knew everything but really knowing nothing! I landed in Berlin where I spent the next 13 years. Now I am 37 and living(some of the time) in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

I love food and cooking, music and dancing, travelling and people!!

Why Food?

Throughout 20 years of my working life, I’ve gone through more jobs and homes than most people. I’ve moved house well over 30 times since leaving my parents home at the age of 17, and probably a matching number of different jobs.

The variety included: Florist’s assistant, Insurance salesman, Owner of a women’s and kiddies clothes shop, Kindergarten assistant, English Teacher and in my last two jobs I was a cook. Funnily enough what I enjoyed most I did last!

There is a reason for this. I have a phobia that whatever job I do, I end up hating(sooner or later) so I didn’t do what I loved at work. Namely cooking! (The other being dancing but I don’t ever imagine earning money with that). And in the end my fear was justified. After nine months in two different cooking jobs I realized that in the restaurants with a set menu, it’s very difficult to be creative in the kitchen. The jobs became tedious and as usual, I start hating the job! 

So I said to myself I will only do what I love doing and if I stop loving what I do I will do something else…that I love!

It wasn’t as easy as that of course. Many jobs, many changes, lots of stress and getting ill both physically and mentally from over-working.

Anyway I’ve now been in Asia since 18 months doing nothing useful or career enhancing most of the time, except being myself, being happy!!

And now this blog is where I share my love for food and my love for life!


I hope you enjoy and thank you for visiting!!



35 thoughts on “About

  1. your background is very interesting…i like your “live by what you love” quote….if we all did that I think the world would be a better place

  2. Hi Nurul! Thanks for stopping by my site. Funny enough, I’m working on some stories about the Cambodia part of my recent trip, including a recipe for amok. I’ll look forward to hearing what you think!

    • I look forward to it. I love amok (but not every day:-) )

      • Hi Nurul!! Your blog is great, th eonly place I could find an explanation of what the milk fruit was (trying to us eit in some of my recipes for my cafe!).

        I was hoping to get in touch with you but can’t seem to find any contact details for you on here (or perhaps that’s the point…hmmm?!). My name is Shazia (a British-Bangladeshi…yes, it’s true, there are TWO Bangladeshis in Cambodia, this is progress!). I just moved to Sihanoukville to open my social business (veggie cafe/english school) and wanted to link up with you if you are still in Cambodia?

        Please do get in touch…I’m on shaziaafza(at)yahoo.co.uk or you can find me via the cafe facebook page DAOofLIFE…


  3. Food is an art and you have well illustrated the art on your site.

  4. Your site interests me, and welcome to my blogroll on my front page – adding a link to your site. 🙂

    • Thank you once again 🙂

      • Is the term “handsome” ok with you on the blogroll? Please review and let me know if it is ok with the description..ok?

      • I smile almost blushing:-) Of course that’s fine!

      • Are you single as I have other blogging friends from your area?

      • I am single. But, I am in Cambodia…..

      • That is fine, just need to put this on the blogroll, there will be thousands of people clicking on my blogroll next week, and need to get it “up to par.” Have you checked out Mila’s site on my blogroll? I am sure she would love your opinions…not trying to fix you up…she is a young teen living in Argentina discussing tyranny and politics. Trying to get her site going….Like Mila very much….:)

      • I’ll have a look at her site

      • No need, just be sure to have an archives widget, and more recipes…they will be looking for them…no bossying, do as you wish. You have a good site here, and it is possible good enough for Freshly Pressed. The recipes are wonderful!

      • Updating blogroll quickly because I just found out info…have to have good sites on the blogroll…yours is very good. I love it.

      • Please be aware my traffic will signigicantly increase over the next week due to “I cannot say” circumstances. That being said, are you available to answer comments or question rather quickly? I have to edit my blogroll to people who can answer quickly.

  5. What name do you wish for me to list you as? A real name makes your site more human?

  6. Reggie

    It was an honor to have worked with Nurul from one of the two of his last jobs. I also got to eat at his home once with his lovely daughter. And had the most incredible dish from his home town. It was pure sensory overload. And also a real treat to learn how to consume soup with my bare hands since in Nuruls family they dont use cutlery very often. He was keeping it real. And I will never forget those flavors textures and amazing company. I miss Nurul being in Berlin but know this food journey will bring nothing but incredible results.

  7. Hi there,

    I’m really glad you found my blog http://reflectionsofchina.wordpresscom and for leaving me so many likes, they are appreciated 🙂 If you have time, please take a look at my other photo blog http://moreimagesfromme.wordpress.com this site is for images i take in other countries around the world as I travel. I do hope you like that site too :)…You have a really nice blog here, so I will follow and take my time to enjoy your world. Thanks again and Regards Mark.

  8. Congrats! You are on Roughseasinthemed’s blogroll…That’s wonderful.

    Do you know what this means?

    It means that your blog DOES NOT suck. 🙂 Congrats to you my friend. Here is her blogroll link:


  9. thoughtsncake

    Hey this is one of the most honest about pages I have come across 🙂

  10. Keep lovin’ the food and cooking! Love your story… from mud hut to a life in the kitchen. Just enjoy!

    So you’re in Siem Reap?! Have you been to Battambang yet? If not, you really ought to go… I haven’t been since last year, but it’s really growing into something special, with locals and ex-pats nourishing creativity and more; I will definitely go back – soon, I hope!

    Thnx for visiting healingpilgrim and posting your comments 😉

    • I’ve only been to Phnom Penh last year for a week. Haven’t yet gone around Cambodia yet. I like to stay when I like it somewhere….and stay….and stay 🙂

      Will definitely do at some point!!

      Thank you for passing by my blog!!

  11. illy99

    Daddy your the BEST cook!! I miss u soo much and i miss your yummi food…^^

  12. Thanks for stopping by our blog and posting the lovely comment Nurul! It really made our day. 🙂 I really enjoyed reading your About page. You sound like a very interesting person and a kindred spirit. At only 37, you’ve already lived such an amazing life! Best of luck to you, your blog, and the rest of your journey. 🙂

  13. 168jbmaca

    Thank you for stopping by our blog and posting the lovely comment Nurul! It really made our day. 🙂 I really enjoyed reading your About page. You seem like a very interesting person and a kindred spirit. At only 37, you’ve already lived such an amazing life! Best of luck to you, your blog, and the rest of your journey. 🙂

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